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Do you mean the headers to the results?

See screenshot.

If so, if you click the 2nd icon in the top right corner, it will load all the results in 1 big window. :)

ok I see what you mean. After they changed their tickers based on structure, the main ticker we track is UA.

But seeing as how UAA is the C class and has more voting rights, I'll make a switch to  make UAA the main ticker to follow.

Needs a day or so for the data to port over.

UA hasn't submitted their 10-Q yet. They only released 8-K earnings report today. When the 10-Q is filed, the data is updated.


The first criteria is actually just positive net income. Not an increase from last year.

ok I understand what you mean now.

We can apply the same buttons and methods we used in the transactions tab to the portfolio.

Or are you also asking to filter and not display sold out positions in the portfolio view too?


Here's why it's showing up at N/A after reviewing the notes and calculations.

CAGR calculations are tricky because there are various scenarios we need to consider and because of cases where some years may start with a negative number (in terms of growth %) which CAGR calculations don't support.


We don't calculate CAGR as simply

CAGR = (current value/old value)^1/numYears - 1

This basic version introduces many issues when we apply it to over 6000 stocks. There are so many stocks with different starting values, +ve, -ve starting values etc that it causes many CAGR calculations to fail.

What we do based on the data item and what the valid number ranges are, we do a precondition check and then calculate:

  1. Mix of +/- numbers: use
  2. Both positive: regular cagr calculation
  3. Both negative: convert both number to positive and calculate (like Capital Expenditure example)
  4. Include error checking conditions as needed