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did you know that each time you refresh the home page or go back to the home it refreshes with another one? :)

We've looked and tried avg and med a lot, and they both have weaknesses.

AVG will show an even more incorrect number if there are big jumps. That's why we ended up using MED.

We've tried on Mac before. The problem is Mac office is very limited. It's on par with excel 2003. 15yrs behind literally.

Thinking of trying to do something on Google Sheets.

Been so busy with working on projects and improvements that I haven't even gotten to doing this yet.

Unfortunately, backtesting isn't something we can offer at this time. A huge investment in data cost is related and at the moment, we aren't getting enough demand to justify the investment. Many people say that $49/mo is expensive already :(

Do you mean the headers to the results?

See screenshot.

If so, if you click the 2nd icon in the top right corner, it will load all the results in 1 big window. :)

ok I see what you mean. After they changed their tickers based on structure, the main ticker we track is UA.

But seeing as how UAA is the C class and has more voting rights, I'll make a switch to  make UAA the main ticker to follow.

Needs a day or so for the data to port over.