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No I don't have access to capital IQ data. Not my data provider as much as i would like to.

Hopefully we'll be able to upgrade in the future.

exporting feature will be implemented

That will be part of the screener.

For now, you can download the spreadsheet of the database.

Updated weekly and uploaded on mondays.

yup sure will. It's more complicated so that's why we started off with the core 3.

yes that's going to be part of it

It's every Monday at the moment. Usually in the afternoon as I need get the data cleaned up a little before uploading.

Stock screening yes.

Canadian and international data is something I need to explore further down the road.

My data provider only provides USA data as they get it directly from the SEC and do one of the best jobs with that. Many big companies dumb it down too much as they try make all international data consistent looking. Which surprisingly causes a LOT of errors.

International data also has to be come after we get a solution that I feel is more complete. Want to focus on making the best tool possible first before trying to move horizontally.

The of OSV Online is to make it into a tool that fits in with 80% of retail investors.

Customizations, complex inputs are suited to the spreadsheet for now.

This is something I really have to think about in terms of implementation.

Our goal is to make it a very easy to use tool without overload the user too much.

Need to discuss with our design team to make sure the workflow and user experience is spot on before we implement more technical stuff.

This will be implemented along with the screener.

In the meantime, go to the Spreadsheet download page and download the full list.

Updated weekly.