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Adding this to the DCF valuation today. It doesn't make sense to add it to the Graham Formula page, as the growth is exactly what you input.

I complete agree. I never use Net Income as the basis for a DCF. We're switching it to FCF as we speak, and will have it live today.

Good idea and should be quick to do. In fact, we just did it, and will release it today.

On a similar note, we added direct links to the latest SEC filings if you search for a company under the "Filings" tab.

Closing this, as we've entered most of the formulas as tooltips, but let us know if there's any particular that are missing/needed!

The dividend payout ratio was added a long time ago (under Key Stats), so we're closing this!

Thanks for the suggestion, Torben. Can't promise anything right now.

Regarding the number of users. We're not permitted to disclose any data regarding user information. 

Hi Brian,

ROIC is actually calculated as Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT) / Invested Capital. NOPAT = EBIT * (1 - Tax Rate). PHM's Tax Rate in the TTM was 39.6%, so multiply that out, and you get the 8.4%.

Hope that helps.


Could be very useful. Thank you for the suggestion. I just don't think this fits into our roadmap currently.

Hi Brian,

Unfortunately, AMZN doesn't list an R&D expense in its financial statements. Here's a link to their latest 10-K:

You can see that they list a "Technology and content" expense on their income statement, and one of their notes mentions that this includes their company-sponsored R&D expense, but it would be impossible to know what is R&D and what is content, among other things. Like Netflix, I'm sure they're spending a lot on content. There's no way for us to systematically know what's R&D, content, or other technology. However, those expenses are included in our other operating expense lines, and thus would be deducted from EBITDA and EBIT. Unless you're adding back R&D for some reason, this shouldn't affect DCF or EBIT multiples valuations.

Thanks for your feedback! Let us know if we missed something.


Hi Jeff,

That post was from 2 years ago, and the v1 screeners were launched not long after. There is no imminent large change to the screeners functionality, but if you have ideas, please let us know!