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Hi Jeff. Mike did tag this as under review. He's still checking this out. Submissions under review have a very high chance of being implemented as a feature.

Thanks for pointing this out. The bug is now fixed. If you hard refresh your browser (ctrl + F5), it should work.

Just to close that out, here's what we heard from our news (and other data) provider: "We're going to pass on this feedback to our upstream news provider. Additionally, we're currently in process of working on integrating a new upstream news provider that will provide fresher news and higher coverage. Once we get that partner integrated you'll see a large improvement."

I'm not sure what the timing will be on this, but hopefully we'll all see improved results soon across all companies.

Yeesh. This is now fixed. Thank you very much for reporting it.

Ugh, that's a date math bug. We've fixed it and are pushing it live now.

As for how old the news is, that comes from a data provider that still shows those articles as the latest for this company. I'm not seeing old news for other companies, so it might just be a coverage issue with these guys. I'll file a support ticket with them.

Thanks for the question. It's not a bug. In this model, we include the trailing twelve-month numbers as part of the score, but only when the TTM is different from the last fiscal year. Since MSFT's fiscal year ends June 30th, the last fiscal year is the same as the TTM, so we remove the TTM scores from the numerator and the denominator.

I'd be curious to hear how useful this would be to people.

This limitation is enforced by our data licensing contracts. Our data providers need to limit this to help prevent people from downloading their full databases. If we were to increase the limit, we would have to get licensed for it, which would be substantially more expensive, and we'd have to pass this cost on to you guys. It would also mean we couldn't grandfather in older (usually cheaper) plans anymore, and we'd have to charge lifetime members again.

I'm not opposed to it -- this site exists for you guys! -- but a lot of people would really have to want it to make it feasible.

In general, we tried to build our screener and other tools so that you wouldn't have to download the Excel reports for quite so many companies. I'd be happy to talk about how we could make it less necessary to have to pull data down for so many tickers.

I'll leave this as "under review" so other insiders can weigh in.

We do update portfolios when a stock split happens, but we don't alert on it. It wouldn't be that hard to add this one specific alert, but to do it right (i.e., to add a setting section that allows you to configure/enable different types of alerts) would be a good bit more work. We polled Insiders earlier this year, and this wasn't a high priority for them. But I'm open to it, if other people would find this really valuable.