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Hi all, I agree that this is not managed ideally today. Let me think about how we can best support it, and based on that we'll see how much effort it will be.

We have Price to Book and Price to Tangible Book from the last annual report or from the trailing twelve months if you look under "Valuation" in the screener, or just search for "book." You can set a screen to find P/B < 1 if you want to find those valued at less than their book value. Is this what you want, or are we misunderstanding?

Thank for the suggestion. Checking this out under low priority.

Thanks for adding this to the forums. This is something we don't have now, but it's a good idea. I'd love to hear from other people how valuable this would be to them.

Hi Joe. Not sure about this. Just curious, why do you think that 17Q1 will be easier than the format 2017-Q1? The longer version seems more intuitive and self-explanatory to me. Really want to know what you think.

OK, let me think about it. We may need to create a whole Alerts tab to make this robust, but it might be overkill. However, offering things that other people don't -- like alerting based on changes to key ratios that can change over time -- is obviously important. If we move this out of the Portfolio or Screener section, it might actually be easier.

I might post a survey to see what major features current members want most, so you all can help with our prioritization.

Can you tell us a little bit about why you want this information and what you hope to use it for?