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I had been thinking of implementing it in the Portfolio. That way, you can track your existing portfolio in case something hits your price target and you want to sell. Or, you could create a "target" portfolio of stocks that are interesting but would need to hit a certain price target for you to buy.

Maybe in the future we could create alerts based on arbitrary metrics besides price, but I'll have to give that more thought

Fair enough. We'll update these.

Good call. We're going to make some initial improvements to the main summary chart, and will include this. The features are finished, but we will release them later this week.

I'll wait to see if anyone else is interested in Shareholder yield.

In the meantime, you've asked for both EV to R&D and Price to R&D per share. Tell me a little more about what you're hoping to get out of them.

International expansion is something that we're considering. Our current data providers are US-only, and it's very expensive to add international markets data. Would you be prepared to spend another couple hundred per year for more markets? We're worried about recouping the investment.

You should be able to do this. It's working for me, but let know if I'm missing something!

Hi Vince, I'm not sure what a Uniform Cash Flow analysis is. Do you mean a Uniform Credit Analysis? If so, I believe this is most appropriate for lenders when evaluating whether cash flows are sufficient to cover loans, but not necessarily for valuing a company. Let me know if I'm misunderstanding you, though.

EV/Sales is one we can do. We've got a list of a few requested metrics updates, so we'll probably package them together at once.

To do this, we'd need a process that checks every users' portfolios' target prices vs the current quote. It's not something that we could make real-time, but would an end of day check be reasonable?