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Hi Daniel. I checked Bamsec and found out that MDXG did file updated 8K documents. But our data provider only pulls data from 10K. In addition, they seem to be behind on their 10K filings. I know that this is not the resolution you want as the company filing is out of our control. Thank you for helping us keep an eye out for this.

Hi Brian & Jeff. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll have the status of this placed under review. Please know that Mike and the team are working hard on improving the service as it is right now. 

This is not just customer service talk. I can tell you that he has hired/re-hired a couple of developers to help fix and improve the web app and the stock analyzer spreadsheet. So I apologize to both of you if your suggestions will not be up the priority list for now.

Yes, we've got EV/Sales and Price/Research in the works; EV/FCF is no problem. We're in the process of adding this, so look for it soon. We're in the middle of a migration to AWS, though, so we need to get that dialed in, first.

Hi Brian. Correct me if I'm wrong here but I think all that can be created using the existing screener. 

Hi Brian. Thanks for reporting this. I wasn't able to replicate the issue. If you can send the exact steps to do this it will really help us. I hope I'm not being too dismissive but I think this is a possible browser cache and cookies problem. What you can do is clear your browser cache and cookies or use incognito mode to check. 

I assume you're talking about on the Key Stats page? You're right about that. We'll make that change this week.

I think for the "change" criteria, there might be some confusion. The "change in" criteria come from the cash flow statement, so looking at the change in long term debt 3-year growth is kind of meaningless. (We just include the various growth metrics for every line of every financial statement, even if some probably shouldn't be used.) You want to be looking at the Balance Sheet Growth section, where you'd look at "Long Term Debt, 3yr Growth."

Let us know if that makes sense.

In the future, it's easier for us to track data issues and potential bugs through our support ticketing queue. From the app, just click "Help & Support" -> "Request Help" to tell us about any issues.

Can you check again today? It looks correct now. I see:

MSFT +18.23%

AMZN +6.92%

GOOGL +4.19%

for "Last 12 Months Return vs S&P500" in the StockDB.

Hi Jeff. We'll check this out. BTW, when did you start seeing this?

Hi Marc. 

Thanks for reporting this. I moved your concern in Freshdesk last week. I also emailed you about that. I believe the idea behind this URL ( is to automatically clear the browser cache when loading the app. When I click directly on the link or just copy and paste it to the address bar, it just takes me directly to the app with no problem.

This is not a bug. So if hard refresh doesn't do anything, you might need to clear your browser cache and cookies. Here's a link to do this and a few troubleshooting tips.

Thanks again for your email. It will help us improve our service. Maybe put a basic troubleshooting page in the future or something similar in the FAQs or inside the app.