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Can you check again today? It looks correct now. I see:

MSFT +18.23%

AMZN +6.92%

GOOGL +4.19%

for "Last 12 Months Return vs S&P500" in the StockDB.

Hi Jeff. We'll check this out. BTW, when did you start seeing this?

Hi Marc. 

Thanks for reporting this. I moved your concern in Freshdesk last week. I also emailed you about that. I believe the idea behind this URL ( is to automatically clear the browser cache when loading the app. When I click directly on the link or just copy and paste it to the address bar, it just takes me directly to the app with no problem.

This is not a bug. So if hard refresh doesn't do anything, you might need to clear your browser cache and cookies. Here's a link to do this and a few troubleshooting tips.

Thanks again for your email. It will help us improve our service. Maybe put a basic troubleshooting page in the future or something similar in the FAQs or inside the app.

Hi all, I agree that this is not managed ideally today. Let me think about how we can best support it, and based on that we'll see how much effort it will be.

We have Price to Book and Price to Tangible Book from the last annual report or from the trailing twelve months if you look under "Valuation" in the screener, or just search for "book." You can set a screen to find P/B < 1 if you want to find those valued at less than their book value. Is this what you want, or are we misunderstanding?

Thank for the suggestion. Checking this out under low priority.

Thanks for adding this to the forums. This is something we don't have now, but it's a good idea. I'd love to hear from other people how valuable this would be to them.