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EV/Sales is one we can do. We've got a list of a few requested metrics updates, so we'll probably package them together at once.

To do this, we'd need a process that checks every users' portfolios' target prices vs the current quote. It's not something that we could make real-time, but would an end of day check be reasonable?

What would be ideal here? 3 Yr CAGR of the score? Or just 1 year? Or Something else?

This should be relatively quick to do. We'll add it to the top bar next to Menu/Help & Support. Wlil be released this week.

Adding this to the DCF valuation today. It doesn't make sense to add it to the Graham Formula page, as the growth is exactly what you input.

I complete agree. I never use Net Income as the basis for a DCF. We're switching it to FCF as we speak, and will have it live today.

Good idea and should be quick to do. In fact, we just did it, and will release it today.

On a similar note, we added direct links to the latest SEC filings if you search for a company under the "Filings" tab.

Closing this, as we've entered most of the formulas as tooltips, but let us know if there's any particular that are missing/needed!

The dividend payout ratio was added a long time ago (under Key Stats), so we're closing this!

Thanks for the suggestion, Torben. Can't promise anything right now.

Regarding the number of users. We're not permitted to disclose any data regarding user information.