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Been so busy with working on projects and improvements that I haven't even gotten to doing this yet.

Unfortunately, backtesting isn't something we can offer at this time. A huge investment in data cost is related and at the moment, we aren't getting enough demand to justify the investment. Many people say that $49/mo is expensive already :(

Do you mean the headers to the results?

See screenshot.

If so, if you click the 2nd icon in the top right corner, it will load all the results in 1 big window. :)

ok I see what you mean. After they changed their tickers based on structure, the main ticker we track is UA.

But seeing as how UAA is the C class and has more voting rights, I'll make a switch to  make UAA the main ticker to follow.

Needs a day or so for the data to port over.

UA hasn't submitted their 10-Q yet. They only released 8-K earnings report today. When the 10-Q is filed, the data is updated.


The first criteria is actually just positive net income. Not an increase from last year.

ok I understand what you mean now.

We can apply the same buttons and methods we used in the transactions tab to the portfolio.