Your comments

Understand the need. Unfortunately, we don't have that data set for now.

Yes will be doing more updates as I'll be more active with this portfolio. Will keep you posted on the blog and email.


These stocks are not supported because there is no financial data associated with it. If you look up their sec filings, you'll see what I mean.

They have only filed to register on the exchanges.

Definitely not something I want to be discussing daily. And for legal reasons of not wanting people to copy, it's only going to be updated a few times a year. Thinking of making a separate page for it as it's not good practice to force load a portfolio onto people's accounts.

The comment "financials, basic materials, OTC, and ADR's" was originally meant for the filtered universe based on the backtests. The ratings do NOT use any valuation methods. So that is something different. The DCF isn't 100% wrong for financials. Some work and some don't. Just like how a DCF won't work for something like Amazon.

Only the text is going to changed. Looks like the change will be in a next version.