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Yes that is correct.

Or EV/EBIT is pretty much what they use also. Just a nice name to make it stand out :)

Here's some more info on GPA that I wrote.

With the ratings, a point to keep in mind is that it's a rating and ranking system, and not a screener.

A screener will only display the stocks where GPA is > 1.

A ranking system does not. It could display in descending order 1.5 down to 0.4

 It's different to interest rate because what the ratio looks for is how much a company is able to generate profit off every dollar of assets.

This gives you insight into how efficiently a company is run as well as how strong the business model is.

A company making > $1 off $1 in assets is excellent. Think low capex businesses. A company making $0.05 off every $1 of assets, not so great.

that reminds that the data may only be available when the market opens.


Which one in particular?

I added a bunch to a new screen and I'm getting data for it.

Hi Avi,

This is something that we've looked at but unfortunately, cannot come up with a solution.

Reason being, it is extremely difficult to define a best or worst rank.

Some are obvious.

e.g. PE of 10 is better than PE or 100.

But what if some people believe a PE of 15 is much better than a PE of 8?

Or if you compare a stock with a PE of 1 and a PE or 10, the color coding would again be in reverse.