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Hey Vincent. Can you try again? It's just the thumbnail that doesn't display.


Just checked, but looks good to me.

Gross Profit: 88B

Operating Profit: 61B


It's not on the default list, but it is super easy to create.

Easiest is to type "NCAV" in the search field and click expand all.

The first one you see will be "NCAV Margin of Safety (MOS)"

Add that and set the filter from around 10% to 100% to get the list. Then save.

Here's a screenshot.

Yes that is correct.

Or EV/EBIT is pretty much what they use also. Just a nice name to make it stand out :)

Here's some more info on GPA that I wrote.

With the ratings, a point to keep in mind is that it's a rating and ranking system, and not a screener.

A screener will only display the stocks where GPA is > 1.

A ranking system does not. It could display in descending order 1.5 down to 0.4

 It's different to interest rate because what the ratio looks for is how much a company is able to generate profit off every dollar of assets.

This gives you insight into how efficiently a company is run as well as how strong the business model is.

A company making > $1 off $1 in assets is excellent. Think low capex businesses. A company making $0.05 off every $1 of assets, not so great.