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I'm looking at the numbers at the moment. The estimates data is direct from Zacks for the ones you've highlighted. Do you have another source that I can double check with?

But I do have to admit that getting the calculations is difficult. So many different variables. The first version isn't going to be perfect. We'll be adjusting and updating as we find better ways.

Ok will see what data they have and how clean it is. We scrub the data again and if they don't meet certain criteria, they end up sitting at the bottom of the barrel anyways.

@Vince we are working on this. We've got all the calculations ready to go and implementing the front section to make it look nice and pretty.


Sorry for the late reply on this. But looked at the SEC and LEE doesn't report COGS. They put everything under operating expenses.

If you added the 1,2,3,4 Quarter Prior Surprise data points, please delete them from your reports and screener filters.