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Will be closing this. Released a new version that is an upgrade from current and in the next phase, you'll be able to customize the columns and export those columns.

This one is now complete. Should be out tomorrow.

Looks like this is harder than planned as we have default columns and also working on letting you customize the columns.


We dont have margin of safety because that's a very subjective measure.

But you can search for Price to Owner earnings.

Here's a screenshot.

search for "price to owner" and the full list will come up.

I'm working on this very soon. Going to release some updates this week for exporting and extra filtering options.

Verified it is displaying now.

Yes is should. The fix should have been pushed to the server. Let me check and get it applied again.

Hi Kevin,

You're right that SWHC changed to AOBC. The filings indicated Jan 1, but it wasn't until today I believe that it started to properly show up.

It will likely be ready in the next couple day.

Thanks. It's in my roadmap. I want this to be a platform for you create your own metrics and scores.