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Will get this one updated.

Updated tooltip text.

While I do have a vague calculation for excess cash, does he specify his calculation for that?


Are you referring to the financial statements?

The last one was deleted from the page starting in the next update.

Looks like the data provider is duplicating it.

Found what the issue is. Getting it updated.

It's been fixed in our next update. Likely coming at end of this week.

Hi Jeff,

If any EPS has the word "estimate" in it, it's neither GAAP or Non-GAAP. Those are concensus numbers taken from analyst estimates.

We don't use the same growth rate for each model because DCF is still focused on cash flows, whereas Graham doesn't factor in cash flow growth rates.

Yes roadmap means confirmed, same as planned.

I can't provide details of when things are expected to be done because there are so many moving parts. Just have to trust us that we are going for the best improvements :)