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I've thought of this, but it isn't as easy as it sounds.

Reason is that when we made the scores, it's so much easier to identify quality companies that we feel will do well based on our testing and verifications.

On the short side, many stocks with horrible characteristics manage to do well. This is due to speculation involved with shorting many smaller companies and penny stocks.

Currently doing some tests to see how well the strategy would work if you go long and short, but it's definitely much easier and safer for the long side.

Discount rate will change the valuation, but it shouldn't be as an alternative to MOS.

Discount rate is the % return you want from your investment, which means it will be different for everyone.

Some people won't mind 9%. Others will want 12%.

To see the explanation for growth, click on the ? button in the app. The exact formula isn't available right now.

I'm going to do something better that will cater to your needs and anyone elses :)

Stay tuned! Will let you know when it's ready.

Found the bug. Working on a fix.

it's related to how often 52wk low numbers are updated by the data provider. It is "usually" done end of day, but for some, they seem to be doing it once a week.

Will monitor and see.

Right now, it's a placeholder so that people don't have to download the spreadsheet all the time.

Also a stepping stone to the screener which will have all that stuff :)