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Do you have the exact data name that you are seeing this? There's a lot of debt ratios..

I'll close this one for now unless it comes back up for you.


It will likely be what we have in the spreadsheet. Likely the Absolute PE or the EPV. Definitely want to include EPV. Very hard to get it right though.

Then the dividend discount model too.

Net net's will come later, but not urgent since it's barely needed at the moment.

Stock prices aren't being pull for DIS. I have an idea of what the issue is.

Looked into it and the number is correct.

The Trailing Dividend Yield is showing 0 which is why the payout ratio is 0.

I need to update the tooltip.

You're not seeing this right?

What is the name of your screen you are trying to edit?

Can you try restoring the defaults?

And if it's a custom one, is it ok to delete from your account?

Yes this one is already planned.

This is a good idea. Will have to review it and see how it can fit in, or whether I can throw up something quickly. Since a portfolio/watchlist feature isn't available, tough to give notifications for the stock you want.