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Great point. Thankfully, we were thinking the same thing and ready to release soon.

It was a bug. Fixed the data, but will be checking other areas to see what caused it.

Hi Dan. I think misread your first message.

We are actually adding a better export feature. The one we have is a temporary version.

At the moment, I'm currently focusing on bringing the app up to speed and trying not to add too many features. Spreadsheet is always open and customizable so that's left up to the user now. If you create a new tab, link up the cells with the data points you need from StatementsDataEOL) you'll be able to create the model in no time.

In the screener, there is a basic version.

I'm expanding it so that you can select multiple industries/sectors.


Good point. I'll be going over each data point to go for the most helpful numbers.

Thanks Richard. We're improving the service daily.

Hi Dan. I'll look into this. But this is low priority at this point.