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Little update. The current notes feature will be a step forward in the right direction. I know what you guys mean, but we won't be able to fully implement it yet. Need to make sure it works properly and will be used. I've seen far too many apps where notes or comments are shared, but then it gets buried in noisy and irrelevant comments.

Thanks. Working hard to provide as much value as possible.

Thanks. I'm not sure where Schwab get's their international data. The difference usually comes form whether the currency conversion has taken place or not.

Should be coming in a couple of months. After the portfolio feature is released and bugs are smoothed out, we'll work on exporting the financial statements.

This one was fixed a while back. Labels were incorrect.


Since the numbers can't be changed, realized it will be easier add "Non-GAAP" text to the label.


I'm looking at the numbers at the moment. The estimates data is direct from Zacks for the ones you've highlighted. Do you have another source that I can double check with?

But I do have to admit that getting the calculations is difficult. So many different variables. The first version isn't going to be perfect. We'll be adjusting and updating as we find better ways.