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I went about getting data from zacks again. It's updated more regularly.

The numbers I'm now using are:

  • PercentGrowthCurrentFiscalYearMeanOverMostRecentFiscalYearEarningsPerShare
  • PercentGrowthNextFiscalYearMeanOverCurrentFiscalYearMean

Thanks for those screenshots! I didn't think about the indirect function.

You are awesome.

FYI the numbers should be correct now.

For the number formatting, I labeled the title to include % to make it clearer.


This can easily become a very complex task.

  • did you shift rows or columns of any of the original worksheets?
  • or were your customizations done on a new blank worksheet and everything else was intact?

If you shifted rows or columns in the main sections, then there is a lot of work involved with having to match the cells from the old spreadsheet to the new spreadsheet.

If you used a blank worksheet, that's easier because you could do a "copy -> paste special -> paste formula only " which will cut down a lot of the time.

First thing is to send a copy of your spreadsheet to

I can see how complex the work is and let you know.

You're right. It should actually be showing as a decimal at least. Since it's exporting as a csv, formatting doesn't work on the files. 


I know what you mean. Those numbers are coming from my data provider so it's not something I can change with them.

What I'll probably have to do is to switch to manual calculations.

Thanks. I'll have to update the link.

Another source I like, which won't disappear is the FRED site.

Here’s one for corp AAA


Corp AA yield is this one