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FYI the numbers should be correct now.

For the number formatting, I labeled the title to include % to make it clearer.


This can easily become a very complex task.

  • did you shift rows or columns of any of the original worksheets?
  • or were your customizations done on a new blank worksheet and everything else was intact?

If you shifted rows or columns in the main sections, then there is a lot of work involved with having to match the cells from the old spreadsheet to the new spreadsheet.

If you used a blank worksheet, that's easier because you could do a "copy -> paste special -> paste formula only " which will cut down a lot of the time.

First thing is to send a copy of your spreadsheet to

I can see how complex the work is and let you know.

You're right. It should actually be showing as a decimal at least. Since it's exporting as a csv, formatting doesn't work on the files. 


I know what you mean. Those numbers are coming from my data provider so it's not something I can change with them.

What I'll probably have to do is to switch to manual calculations.

Thanks. I'll have to update the link.

Another source I like, which won't disappear is the FRED site.

Here’s one for corp AAA


Corp AA yield is this one

On the EBIT valuation model, the conservative calculation uses the 3yr Min, the normal case uses the 3yr average and the aggressive uses the 3 year max.

In this case with AMTY, EV/EBIT has been negative. The TTM is positive.

So the min is negative, median is negative and max is positive.

Therefore the conservative and normal case does not show calculations.

For this you can manually type in the EV/EBIT into the conversative and normal case areas.

I'm revisting the models and want to know how useful the DDM is for you guys?

It has the most votes, but with only 22 people voting, it could be a false feature where the majority don't know that this thread exists.

Many companies do not offer a dividend, for which the DDM model will not work.


Why do you want it, and why do you need it?

@Blue Joseph,

It will only be replaced with a better version. No plans to discontinue the spreadsheet. as it's a core part of the value we offer.

@Blue Joseph,

The spreadsheets aren't going away anytime soon. In fact, it's too far ahead of OSV Online at the moment. Need to get the app to catch up and then be able to sync the finer details of layout etc.

Also, including a new financial statement layout that isn't common causes a lot of confusion and re-educating. That's why the spreadsheets are open for you to customize to suit your needs.