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Should be up in our next release.

Sorry. Only USA stocks.

Hi Jeff,

GPA is listed under "GPA (Gross Profitability to Assets)".

Sales % Change TTM and Sales 5 Yr +TTM CAGR % can't be included because TTM is a single point in time data and not a historical data.

"Sales 5 Yr + TTM" will show a few values only because it is comparing against data 5 years ago. That's why we decided not to include it as it doesn't fit in with historical data.


1. It will be hard because if the stocks are listed as part of the screen, hard to eliminate results.

What you can do is add another criteria to have P/FCF > 0.

The screeners already allow you to enter range. Just type it into the box in the edit window.

2. Valuation cant be measured accurately and is a core reason why it must not be added to the value score. Valuation must be validated and adjusted manually. Changing growth from 10 to 15% is going to drastically alter the valuation. No way of knowing which one is correct if you try to automate valuation which is a manual process.

3. Been getting this request, so I'll be adding a method to filter and list results based on valuation and DCF. BUT it will be up to the user as we don't guarantee safety of returns by using this method.

I've removed GLXZ as it failed some internal data tests.

With the screener, we've been cleaning up the database to remove gone private, corporate change or sub 10c stocks with bad data.


You can use our version which is EV/EBIT where EBIT matches operating earnings.

Check out the ratios section.

And for screening you can use EV/EBIT (EV to EBIT) which is what I use for scoring system too.


I know what you mean. In the end though it's best practice to use a sreensize that will work for the majority of users.

Wider monitor is good and for blogs and static websites, it's easy to make it responsive, but financial apps are a different beast.

Don't you worry Zach. Knew you would want something like this so it is ready to be released very soon. Hopefully within the week.

You can customize the columns and also export what you see on the screen.

We've also added the export button. It will export the columns that you are currently viewing.

The next step is to allow you to customize your own columns.