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Right. Exactly what many people mentioned. We like to release features quickly and then make the necessary adjustments.

More coming.

This one is ready to go this weekend or early next week.

Made it so that 4 of the biggest market cap stocks in the same industry are chosen. You can then manually change it again if you wish.

Getting ready to release this weekend hopefully.

Currently working being able to display the formulas used for calculations when you hover over the data point as opposed to having a single page or sheet. Having it right there when you need it will be more practical and useful.

Screener will likely use average instead of median. Need to select a certain group of data that do this instead of including the average or all the data points. Otherwise, we'll literally get into the 15,000 data point range.

We'll be adding the dupont ratio. Just working on higher priority areas.

Not yet. Adding other things to the screener and working on the next new features.

Unfortunately, we don't have backtesting capability. Much more difficult than it sounds because the data has to eliminate survivorship bias. We would also need to use as reported data as well as updated data which we dont support at this time.

Calculations come directly from data provider for this.

Will get this one updated.