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We'll look into it. Just need to know the level of difficulty implementing the feature.

We'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Tomas. We've been doing a lot of things in the backend. Can you try to use a private tab and see if it works?

Also, you can try to use a different browser. If it works for both, it means you need to clear your browser cache and cookies.

You should also check if you have apps in your pc that block javascript.

Closing as it is now included in the screener.

Screener is now out for members.

It's a basic version to start, but will continue to get more advanced features.

Yes that is part of the plan.

Those stocks are actually the latest as of today. Not the Jan 1.

I don't have a separate list for Jan 1. Something I need to implement later if I want a function to pull stocks and their scores from a certain date.

Understand. Focusing on the US markets first.

Expanding to different markets will mean that members will have to pay for each region too. Which will get costly. For the short term, dont see this happening as we continue to try and build the best product for the US market first.

Hi Fletcher,

There's no API at the moment to easily plug formulas unless you do the regular excel functions.

Here's what I suggest, with the existing spreadsheet.
  • create a new tab
  • unhide "StatementsDataEOL" as it houses all the data on the spreadsheet each time a stock is pulled. This is your starting point and base.
  • With the new tab, link back to the StatementsDataEOL by typing in = in a cell then clicking on the desired cell from StatementsDataEOL
  • This way, you can build out the format you sent me

FYI to all.

Additional valuation models will be included later down the road map. Right now, we are focusing on getting the must have features.

Must have features we need to take OSV to the next level and even higher playing field than the competition include:

  • screener (v1 coming soon. Trust me, you will love the way it works. So smooth and intuitive and this is only the first version)
  • portfolio / watchlist feature
  • fundamental charts and visual analysis section

Once these are complete, we'll get back to getting the other valuation methods from the spreadsheet included and then expand to new valuation models like this dividend growth model.