Color scheme for the color blind

Jose Antonio Esquivel 2 years ago • updated by Jae Jun 2 years ago 3

It would be a very nice feature to have a setting to change the color scheme so color blind people have a better user experience with the system.

Just FYI about 4.5% of the population have some kind of color blindness.
My 2 cents.

Financials and Key Stats

Daniel 2 years ago • updated by Jae Jun 2 years ago 1

Love the presentation of this. It's simple, clean, and includes views of CROIC, Owner Earnings, Averages etc...without having to do it manually.


Provide a link to the latest download of the database so it is easy to find and download.

CJ Liepman 2 years ago • updated by Jae Jun 2 years ago 3
Jae Jun 2 years ago

Go to menu > spreadsheet.

Then you'll see the link to download the database.


Kemper INsurance

Rich Fabbre 1 week ago • updated by Jae Jun 8 hours ago 1

I am unable to pull up info on Kemper Insurance (KMPR).  Any suggestions?


Having trouble with the home page fully loading.

hankhanna 3 weeks ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 weeks ago 1

Absolute PE valuation values are inaccurate and misleading under certain circumstances.

Curt Lindenbaum 1 month ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 weeks ago 4

I noticed on the Valuation Tab that the Absolute PE Valuation method gives the same value as a previously looked up symbol if it cannot calculate an actual value.  This is very misleading and should be fixed.


Would you consider to add Asia stocks markets ?

monwei 1 month ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 month ago 1

Provide access to stocks with incomplete data

Sean 2 months ago 0

In a recent email exchange when I was looking for a missing stock, you mentioned that stocks go in and out of the database due to old or missing data. I totally agree that 99% of the time we want full, accurate data from you. However, I maintain a watch list of more speculative stocks and having your data sometimes be there and then not be there next quarter really messes with my dependence on you. Is there a way to have some kind of flag that could be set to allow the download of all stock data including the outdated info? I assume it would default to "off" so that this does not mess up most uses for most people, but would allow people like myself who import your data into my personal spreadsheets a way to continue with the appropriate warnings?


For the screeners, can you make it show 10 criterias instead of just 5?

Brian Yu 3 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 4 weeks ago 4

It gets confusing to click back and forward to see the other metrics added later on to the list of screening stuff since we only see the first 5. If that doesn't make sense, Ill be glad to clarify. 

Under review

Show also top 10 Unfiltered universes or let us have the option of clicking on filter/unfiltered etc.

Brian Yu 3 months ago • updated 2 months ago 2

I really like the OTC stocks cause they are actually great buys a lot of times. Just very illiquid. But im after a high CAGR and the unfiltered universe does just that very nicely.