10 year Multi year Performance at a glance as a graph

Tobias 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 4

The multi year performance is great (remember reading about this in F-Wall Street), however it would be nice to be able to switch to or see the actual numbers for the last 10 years as a graph.

Value: It would make it possible to form an opinion on how stable the company is at at glance and if the numbers correlate the way one would expect them to.

Possible use:

Phil Town talks about how he use certain growth values to indicate a company's moat. From his Rule one website:


Companies that have had a sustainable moat usually demonstrate consistent increase in the growth of Earnings per Share (EPS), Sales per Share, Book Value per Share (BVPS), and Operating Cash Flow per Share (OCPS). Review these numbers and charts to determine if

this company has had a sustainable advantage over its competition in the near past."

On his checklist he checks that all these growth rates have been above 10%, and he talks about how he use this to trigger questions if these graphs aren't parallel.

With the multi year performance it's easy to see the number by it self, but it's not seen at a glance how one number develop compared to another number.

I gave this as an example. I am sure others have other numbers from the performance table they would like to look at as well. (I know I do).

The graph would be laid out as years on the y-axis and % on the x-axis and the graphs would have different colors (I guess) for the different performances.

Like this: This is 3M. If the lines started to cross each other, I'd want to know why.


Add portfolio/watchlist tracking to app.

gmjerome69 2 years ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 weeks ago 2
Under review

Default For DCF Calculation

John 2 years ago • updated by Tobias 2 years ago 2

Jae, I'd like the ability to use free cash flow as my default calculation, not net income, during my initial review of a company's DCF valuation.


Canadian and international stock screening?

Harry Hong 2 years ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 weeks ago 2

allow user to customize the dashboard

Phil Gerity 2 years ago • updated by Jae Jun 2 years ago 1

keep tabs or company name at the top of the page while scrolling down

Jae Jun 2 years ago 0

Want to see the name or the symbol of the stock without having to scroll back to the top.


Can you please add the ability to search for ex-dividend dates?

Jay yesterday at 6:25 a.m. • updated by Jeff Partlow 3 hours ago 1

2018 OSV Active Value Portfolio

Jeff Partlow 2 weeks ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 week ago 3

Thank you for posting your '2018 OSV Active Value Portfolio'.  Will you be listing all 20 stocks and updating year-to-date performance daily?  Will this Portfolio Tracker be viewed in the 'Portfolio' area of OSV?  When do you think this will be available to view?  Thank you.


Need to exclude fix the valuation of financial companies, specifically insurers, to exclude investments from excess cash

Huw Edwards 1 month ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 weeks ago 5


I think you need to fix the valuation of financial companies, specifically insurers. You are currently counting long term investments as 'Excess Cash' in your DCF and multiples valuation; this is dramatically and dangerously overstating the companies value. 

e.g. IPCC. 

In this case you are subsequently rating this company an A across the board which is not the case from a value perspective.


Jae's response.

I do know what you mean but because the data is standardized, there is a limitation to valuations. It's something we have known about from the beginning. It's also one of the reasons why we do not market ourselves as an industry specific valuation tool or financial industry valuation service  because of the difference in financial statements and data. Too
much data is rolled up for bank and insurance stocks and unfortunately we are not able to split it up.

Same could also be said for oil and gas industry stocks where we are unable to value the reserves for the best and true cash flows.


Highlighting of line

Jae Jun 2 months ago 0

It would highly beneficial if I could highlight a line , for example , Divi Paid Per Share and a window would pop up at the end showing me CAGR for those numbers. Just a thought to make your platform even better.