Can I use spreadsheet on Mac?

stuart.mckinnon77 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 1

Thank You for the OSV Upgrades

Jeff Partlow 6 months ago 0

My personal favorite is the Dupont Analysis. 


Create a Tutorial / Webinar on the fourth step - how you do the in depth analysis.

josh 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 1
Not a bug

Bug: Timeline Financials

bartheideman 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 2

Currently Quarters Financial section within the stock GME do not line up. There are revenues posted for Q4'17 which I think should be Q4'16 and this impacts the entire overview


Problems for two 'Surprise'-related stats

Jeff Partlow 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 1

1. For 'Percent EPS Surprise for MRQ', decimal point needs to be shifted two places to the left.

2. For 'Most Recent Quarter Surprise', when in Screener mode, cannot specify 'Between' percents.


OSV Users' Favorite Custom Screener

Jeff Partlow 6 months ago 0


Suggest having OSV users submit their personal favorite custom screener (preferably also with a description as to why they use it).  You would review the submissions and pick one or more to share with all users.

The primary benefit of this would be to help users become more engaged with the great custom screening capabilities of OSV.

Thank you for your consideration,


Not a bug

i cannot reach you.....................need help..........sent two emails............. gtholke@gmail.com

gtholke 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 1

"Your Screen" Edit function

Jeff Partlow 7 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 3

For user-developed custom Screens, when in the "Your Screen" area and attempt to "Edit" the display column headings, we are returned to the "Basic" column headings instead of staying with the "Your Screen" headings.  So, when in "Your Screen" display, unable to Edit column headings or change order of column headings like we can when in Basic, OSV Ratings, etc. categories.


price to free cash flow

Ra'uf Glasgow 7 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 7 months ago 1

Future 'Charts' Section Ideas

Jeff Partlow 7 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 5 months ago 4

Jae, Could you please update us on any progress and plans on the future 'Charts' section?  (This might be worthy of a post on your blog).

Three suggestions for beginning this section:

  1. For one user-selected company ticker, provide line graph showing stock price % change for user-selected timeframe (1 month, 3 months, YTD, or 1 year).
  2. Allow user to select overlay(s) to stock price chart in #1 above of the S&P 500 and/or that   company's industry performance for the same timeframe as selected in #1.
  3. Allow stock price comparison line graph overlays for up to 4 user-selected tickers for any one of the 4 timeframes (same timeframe choices as in #1 above).

In addition, the comparisons in #1 through #3 above are 'price performance' metrics that could be added as screener variables.  This would be a great addition for users who like to screen stocks based on 'price performance' metrics.