Allow a Mac Version of the Excel Spreadsheet.

Brian Yu 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 5 months ago 4

Alright I'm sure someone probably asked for this before, but I dont have any Non Mac computers so its a huge inconvenience for me to go to a public computer of some sort. Thanks Jae!


Put Average of Valuation Metrics like Average PE, P/S, etc over the last 5 years.

Brian Yu 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 1

Median sometimes is too volatile especially if they are jumping up and down all the time through the years. 


Allow 2 or 3 stock of the days instead 1 at the home page.

Brian Yu 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 6 months ago 3

It usually only shows 1 but I think it would help people get a lot more ideas faster if maybe two stock ideas were introduced. 


What Stock markets is included?

Filipe 7 months ago 0
Not a bug

Underarmour Financial Data Not Up To Date

Alex C 7 months ago • updated 7 months ago 6

Underarmour financial data is only up to Q1 2017

Not a bug

Piotroski Score calculation for HUN is off in 2015

ruiheh 7 months ago • updated 7 months ago 2

Hi, I noted while checking one of my investment, that HUN is off in its 2015 net income quality check for piotroski score. 

System shows a check for increase in NI for HUN between 2014 and 2015. But, 2014 was at 345M and 2015 was only 126M. So it should be 0 rather than 1. 

Possible to take a look as it may affect other stock's historical scores as well.


High quality score on firms with negative equity.

ruiheh 7 months ago 0

HCA is a great example where I think negative equity should be a major red flag on its quailty. May I suggest to add FCF/total debt and FCF/current liability to the quality scores. Thanks, Roy


I am wondering you could use Log scale to plot the chart.

Jae Jun 7 months ago 0

I am wondering you could use Log scale to plot the chart. It helps to see better trends direction and better range of scales of chart pattern particularly when it had historical extreme values. When dealing with negative number, you may treat augment of the log function as a positive, then add negative sign afterwards.


Problems with Sales Growth on Portfolio Report Views

Rob 7 months ago • updated 7 months ago 4

There seems to be some problems with the data showing sales growth in the portfolio report views. I created a custom report and wanted to show growth values (3 year and 10 year). The values shown seem to be unreliable. For example, on Humana (HUM), both the 3 and 5 year 'Sales Percentage Change Growth' values show as 'N/A'.  Other companies also show this problem.

I would also appreciate if the 1 Yr growth rates could be added such as 'Sales Percentage Change 1Yr Growth' and 'Diluted EPS 1Yr Growth', etc.



I suggest adding industry average to key ratio next to company's key ratio performance

abdulmalik 7 months ago 0

after 5yr max, a column showing industry average would be very insightful.