eps growth in % term

ludovic.sky 17 hours ago 0


For a growth investor we want to see EPS growth % for current year and next year so then we can compare this growth with the industry growth. Knowing this helps to determine if i want to spend my time to investigate further for this company. 



EPS growth F1 = 20%

EPS growth F2 = 30%

Calculation is simple, using consensus estimates. 



Something like Invest tools Big Chart for industries

smtm190 1 week ago 0

It think it would be very productive to have something like invest tools "Big Chart"

. To will help identify at a glance to industries to screen for possible value. Thxs


I'm not sure the ticker for Dover Downs Entertainment is correct

briangroat 2 weeks ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 week ago 1
Under review

Show most recently reported quarter as 201809 rather than as 201.81k for example.

PRJahelka 3 weeks ago • updated 3 weeks ago 3

The stock database or rating_database page shows this formatting bug, but the csv export is correct.


Put up a shortlist section (much like the portfolio section but without the need to insert transactions)

guilherme.cunha 4 weeks ago • updated by Jae Jun 4 weeks ago 1

The suggestion is to create a shortlist section emulating a porfolio from the day the ticker is shortlisted without the need to insert transactions. Would be easier to follow-up potential acquisitions instead of having to keep them written somewhere else than in the own OSV environment.


Show Historical PEGs

Brian Yu 4 weeks ago • updated 4 weeks ago 1

Can OSV please show historical PEGs? Like, in the Key Facts, show what the PEG was throughout the years. just like PE and the EV/EBIT from 2012-2017 etc. It is not helpful for companies that aren't well known or small, but very helpful for mid caps and up.


Shareholder Yield and Price to Product Research (P/PR)

Brian Yu 2 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 2 months ago 1

Hi Jae!

 I think I sent an E-mail a while back on this, but could you guys perhaps add a Shareholder yield (Dividend + Debt Pay Down + Share buyback)? It's a better way yield than dividends in many ways and it shows how the company is adding value to the shareholder. 

The second metric I would really like to see is the Price to Product Research Ratio. It would just show the R &D relative to the current price. (An amazing metric to combine with the Price to Sale ratio)!

Thanks for your time Jae! :) 


Google Sheet Update

Brian Yu 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 2

Hi Jae! Are there any updates in regards to the spreadsheet moving on to support other versions? (Google sheet perhaps?)

Under review

Balance Sheet typo

charcoalboy 2 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 2 months ago 1

Under Financials > Balance Sheet, below Total Current Assets there is a row named "Total Current Liabilities". I think this row should be referring to "Land & Improvements" instead?


DAIO priced at $0 08282018

bakoehmstedt 3 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 months ago 1

Glitch in importing data I'm guessing, anyway can you fix this?