I suggest adding industry average to key ratio next to company's key ratio performance

abdulmalik 3 months ago 0

after 5yr max, a column showing industry average would be very insightful. 


AMZN working capital seems to be off for 2017

ruiheh 4 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

Hi there , AMZN current assets on site shows 60.2B and current liability shows 57.8. So, I was assuming I should be getting somewhere around 2.4B. But it shows 11.48 B. Do you use another formula? Many thanks Roy


Please add company CNX

ruiheh 4 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 months ago 1


CNX is a NYSE company and it seems to not be in your database. I would love to know what you think about this company. 




Add industry averages for Statement%

abdulmalik 4 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 months ago 1

When reviewing a company's common sized statements% on the excel sheet it will help to have industry averages to compare performance such as average SGA for an industry. This idea came to me when I was reviewing Statement% and I wanted to know whether the company is paying high SGA or normal SGA.

BTW I like the "Compare Competitors" section very clear, easy to use and to the point as well as the other features. Thank you for this great work. 

Not a bug

Best Performing Stocks not in Best Performing Stock list

Tobias 4 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 months ago 3

I have a position in HWCC that is up 40%. Yet it does not show up in the Best Performing Stock list. LZB, is however on list. It is only up 13%. Something wrong here, or am I missing something?


Add annual average return to Portfolio

Tobias 4 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 months ago 3

I would like it if there was a way to easily see the average annual return for x years. As it is now, I have to hold the mouse on the graph from year start and then at year end to see the difference. (Unless I am missing something).

Under review

Filter out closed positions from Portfolio

Tobias 4 months ago • updated 3 months ago 9

The second tab in the Portfolio contains closed positions as well as current positions. It would be helpful to somehow easily view only current positions. Since I have more than 10 holdings, I can't see them all at the summary page. 


Improve Growth Score Metrics

Jeff Partlow 4 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 4 months ago 1



As you know, I sent you the email shown below last week but never received the courtesy of a reply -- so I'll try it here:

I have often used your Quality and Value Scores as good metrics, but never the Growth Score.

This morning provides a good example of why:

BIG just reported earnings and the stock is tanking.  Your Growth Score for them is B and here’s two of their 4 metrics:

Sales % Change TTM    0.1%

Sales 5 Yr +TTM CAGR %   0.2%


These sales numbers are anemic (below inflation rate), yet via your Growth Score Guide this is considered a positive growth metric.  No way.

A +5% CAGR is much better growth than +0.2% (obviously), and your model needs to be nuanced enough to reflect that.


I  hope you are open-minded when it comes to modifying/improving your metrics.  If you are, I’d be happy to provide suggested Growth Score improvement thoughts.


Best wishes,

Jeff Partlow


I think Ingles Market's number is wrong

Yaokai Jiang 4 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 4 months ago 2

Q4 gross profit shows -1.95B. But SEC filing show something around 800M

TTM gross profit is wrong as well.