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Is there a way to save assumptions?

OSV Support 2 months ago • updated by Bruce 2 weeks ago 2

For example, if I got to SLB's valuation and change what i think the EBIT margin and multiple is, can I save that so that every time I go back to SLB, I don't have to re-enter all of the data? - From Sean Shannon

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screen based on OSV Score trend

EquitableThinking 4 months ago • updated 3 months ago 3

Can the screener have the ability to filter the stocks using the OSV's score's trend (Action, Quality, Value and Growth)?

For example XOM (Exxon Mobil) right now has Action score 69 and Quality score 71.5, Value score 71.14 and Growth score 65. However if you look at the past few years, the scores have consistently been increasing. The prospect of business also looks really compelling, and people could use score trend to screen such stocks. 

If the screener can have the ability to filter based on all 4 score's individual trend, that would be really great!

Thanks a million for providing the community such a fantastic valuable service and tool!!


Add EV/Revenue and EV/Research

Brian Yu 5 months ago • updated by OSV Support 4 weeks ago 4
Basically they are P/S and P/R except using the EV. Same concept with the EV/EBIT and Cash PE. 

Include Uniform Cash Flow Analysis

Vince 5 months ago • updated by OSV Support 3 months ago 1

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Expand into Canadian Markets

briangroat 6 months ago • updated by OSV Support 3 months ago 1

I'm a Canadian Based Investment Club Manager and I love what you've built!

Would love seeing some companies from my back yard

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Shareholder Yield and Price to Product Research (P/PR)

Brian Yu 7 months ago • updated by OSV Support 3 months ago 2

Hi Jae!

 I think I sent an E-mail a while back on this, but could you guys perhaps add a Shareholder yield (Dividend + Debt Pay Down + Share buyback)? It's a better way yield than dividends in many ways and it shows how the company is adding value to the shareholder. 

The second metric I would really like to see is the Price to Product Research Ratio. It would just show the R &D relative to the current price. (An amazing metric to combine with the Price to Sale ratio)!

Thanks for your time Jae! :) 


Historical Valuation Ratios

stephenjdschneider 8 months ago • updated by OSV Support 3 months ago 2

It would be an invaluable service to be able to see historical or even average valuation ratios (e.g. 5 year average) for Price to Graham Value and other metrics that are already provided on the site.


Metals GLD, SLV in Portfolio

smtm190 8 months ago • updated by OSV Support 3 months ago 1

It would be great to be able to add metals such as GLD, SLV, etc... to the Portfolio section. People might vary in the Asset allocation, so it would be nice to track my portfolio in its entirety in OSV


Just added a bunch of suggestions/ideas but Old School Value Is still the best

Brian Yu 12 months ago • updated by OSV Support 12 months ago 1

Still the best stock researching tool I've found over everything else. yeah its got lots of things I want to see in the future, but still, probs to how comprehensive and accurate the info is.