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Ah yes. It's the next huge feature. Tons of stuff involved with it. We've got the design and usability squared away for the most part. Not 100%, but getting there.

Pretty much what you've outlined are important and what people are used to and need.

Google finance is a basic but good example.


What seems to be the issue?

fixed. Please clear cache if you don't see it.

Will get 1 fixed.

For 2, since we do have intraday, I think it's better to show the updates where possible.


1) we don't display non-trading stocks. Just makes things way too messy.

2) commissions are entered manually as it could differ for each transaction. E.g. when I use interactive brokers, my commission costs are based on per shares sold, not per transaction.

3) will get it updated

4.1) chart view, we'll be improving.
4.2) what transaction dates are not showing up? Chart performance calculations are updated EOD. Not live.

5) No options support. We dont have options data and to tracking the many scenarios required is outside the scope.

No specific dates, but should be soon.

We just released the portfolio feature so a lot of things to clean up in the meantime.

Will be released after we've released the portfolio feature.

This is fixed.

Please reload by refreshing your cache otherwise you will see old values.


Screenshot as proof.

We'll keep working to improve the usability. First version is going to be rough.