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that reminds that the data may only be available when the market opens.


Which one in particular?

I added a bunch to a new screen and I'm getting data for it.

Hi Avi,

This is something that we've looked at but unfortunately, cannot come up with a solution.

Reason being, it is extremely difficult to define a best or worst rank.

Some are obvious.

e.g. PE of 10 is better than PE or 100.

But what if some people believe a PE of 15 is much better than a PE of 8?

Or if you compare a stock with a PE of 1 and a PE or 10, the color coding would again be in reverse.


We'll be releasing this soon.

Data points added are the following:

  • Total Return Year to Date
  • Total Return over last 5 days
  • Total Return over last month
  • Total Return over last 3 months
  • Total Return over last 6 months
  • Total Return over last 12 months
  • Total Return over 1 Year
  • Total Return over 3 Year
  • Total Return over 5 Year

Return vs. S&P 500

  • Year To Date Return vs S&P500
  • Last Month Return vs S&P500
  • Last 3 Months Return vs S&P500
  • Last 6 Months Return vs S&P500
  • Last 12 Months Return vs S&P500

Thanks Jeff.

It's something I've tried on and off for several years, but not enough momentum and numbers to pursue.

This is already available under "Ratios".

Simply search for "employee" to see what comes up.

We have net income per employee and revenue per employee over different periods.

Sorry Yash. We support USA stocks only.