Shift Decimal Point?

Jeff Partlow 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 12 months ago 4

This is petty, but I added 'Revenue Growth (Year/est), Next Year' with an 'Edit' to 'Estimates' column header tab. For first stock (Agilent ticker 'A') in database the value shows as 480.00%. Decimal should be shifted two to the left -- i.e. 4.80% instead?

Also, hopefully I'm interpreting this statistic correctly since it is worded in a confusing way. Would it be accurate (and with better clarity) to say: 'Revenue Growth Next FY vs. TY Est'?


Defaults screeners missing every day.

chalky10 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 2

Every day I have to reset the default filters in screener, is there a way to keep them there permanently?

Not a bug

float short in Key Stats tab seems to broken

Ra'uf Glasgow 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 1

Previously this stat seemed to be working, but today as I was running stats on a number of companies, Float short showed 0% for all companies. Morningstar had other stats for some of these companies.


Checkboxes to identify stocks in screener

Jonathan 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 1

It would be helpful to have checkboxes in the screener to filter specific stocks and be able to view them / track them through different tabs.

For example, I was screening for stocks on the Valuation tab with P/FCF between 5 and 10 and came up with four stocks. When I went to the OSV Ratings tab to see their values there, the stocks got mixed up with everything else.

I think it'd be nice to be able to check a box that filters for or keeps those stocks at the top of the page so it's easier to evaluate their scores and ratings across various screener tabs.


Add 3 Growth Metrics to Key Ratios

Jeff Partlow 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 4

In QVG model, the 3 Quality metrics and the 4 Value metrics are shown in the Dive into Data/Key Stats/Key Ratios area. But the data for 3 Growth metrics is not shown. And regarding the Gross Profit to Assets metric, it would be very nice to also show Gross Profit to Assets for Industry for comparison purposes. Thank you for your consideration.


Ease of use things

Aeti 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 5

1. When sorting a metric in the screener for something like P/FCF I'd like to be able to start at the lowest positive value without having to scroll through all the N/A and negative values.

2. The buy and fair value lines on the stock price chart show the dcf valuation, which may or may not be related to the value score. I think the lines on the chart need to be representative of what you think the valuation is from the value score so I can see what kind of discount to the share price I'm getting.

3. I want to be able to sort by margin of safety. Preferably on some composite value score that you come up with based of fcf.


do you provide nse stocks?

dharmendra pandya 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 1

Add a margin of safety filter in screener.

adelinme 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 1

I like buying undervalue company and I like cutting the fluff by having a margin of safety filter.


add in the % of revenues to operational expenses

Jesse 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 1

All the operational expenses should be expressed as a % of REv


Notice some problems with export from screener.

Dan 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 1

For preset OSV Ratings:missing FCF/S, EV/EBIT P/FCF,P/BV,ActionScore. For Valuations missing P/E, EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT, P/S, P/BV,P/TBV,P/FCT,P/OE,FCF/S. Just looked at these -don't know about other views or if I'm doing something wrong.