Tobias 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 4

The multi year performance is great (remember reading about this in F-Wall Street), however it would be nice to be able to switch to or see the actual numbers for the last 10 years as a graph.

Value: It would make it possible to form an opinion on how stable the company is at at glance and if the numbers correlate the way one would expect them to.

Possible use:

Phil Town talks about how he use certain growth values to indicate a company's moat. From his Rule one website:


Companies that have had a sustainable moat usually demonstrate consistent increase in the growth of Earnings per Share (EPS), Sales per Share, Book Value per Share (BVPS), and Operating Cash Flow per Share (OCPS). Review these numbers and charts to determine if

this company has had a sustainable advantage over its competition in the near past."

On his checklist he checks that all these growth rates have been above 10%, and he talks about how he use this to trigger questions if these graphs aren't parallel.

With the multi year performance it's easy to see the number by it self, but it's not seen at a glance how one number develop compared to another number.

I gave this as an example. I am sure others have other numbers from the performance table they would like to look at as well. (I know I do).

The graph would be laid out as years on the y-axis and % on the x-axis and the graphs would have different colors (I guess) for the different performances.

Like this: This is 3M. If the lines started to cross each other, I'd want to know why.

Phil Gerity 1 year ago • updated by Jae Jun 1 year ago 1
Jae Jun 1 year ago 0

Want to see the name or the symbol of the stock without having to scroll back to the top.

Richard 3 weeks ago • updated by Jae Jun 2 weeks ago 1

I really like the all the new features.  It makes the whole process of analyzing companies very easy and clear.

Vishnu 3 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 months ago 4

The 5yr min, 5yr max, and median numbers are already available when you click into Key Stats for a given company. However, if we could add this into the Statistic List of the Edit Screener mode, it'd be great to export and sort companies with current P/E < 5yr median P/E. Seems like a rather feature to implement but could be immensely useful. 

hedgemanager 5 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 4 months ago 1
Vince 6 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 3 months ago 5

Can we have a portfolio tracker that calculates Time-weighted and Dollar-weighted Returns using Industry Standard Calculation Methodologies with those specified in the Global Investment Performance Standard, or "GIPS" standard.

Jeff Partlow 7 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 7 months ago 1

This feature is a huge advancement for users in two ways:

1. We can now easily enter in the Search Input Box our own custom list of those company tickers we want to compare; and

2. We can now sort the companies shown in any Stock Database and any Screener used for any column heading from high-to-low or from low-to-high.

jmgoldberg85 7 months ago • updated by anonymous 6 months ago 1

Can we add the extended dupont analysis to breakdown the components of ROE?

Under review
Jeff Partlow 7 months ago • updated by Jae Jun 7 months ago 2

Reference default settings in Compare Competitors/Basic category.

Red below shows actual display (very confusing to us users).

Green shows user-friendly format for 'short interest' data.

I believe short interest shares by company are reported twice a month. Are you using the most recent data?

Also please re-check method of calculation. The two Sanderson numbers in particular seem incorrect in relation to each other.