Your comments

Jae, a couple of things to note. And BTW great job on the update :)

1. I can't add stocks that have merged or no longer trading in the performance. We should be able to include historical performance regardless of M&A.

2. Commission price doesn't get carried over when you add a transaction, you have to scroll up and input it again.

3. When inputting the date you have to click twice in order for you to be able to type

4. Performance graphs don't have option to provide annual measures and some of my 2017 transactions are not showing up on the graph

5. Lastly, how do I input option activity?

that's fantastic Jae. I came across an issue that I faced with Morningstar's portfolio monitoring service (I'm not sure if you have used them before), that I want to share with you. Say if a Company was bought out and no longer was listed on an exchange, it would get dropped from my performance numbers because it's no longer in the database. I thought this was a gross oversight, especially for a Company like Morningstar. On a side note, the performance report you can generate as a PDF for the portfolio through Morningstar is quiet nice, (which I look forward to having here as well).