ROIC Formula and Formulas in General

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Hi Jae,

I've been using ROIC a lot in the spreadsheet but am unsure of what formula you are using. The problem is everybody has a different way of calculating the number so its sometimes difficult to do comparisons.

I think in general you might have a formula page that discloses all the formulas that you use so that people know exactly what is being measured.

Under review

I'm thinking of how to best present the formulas I'm using.
Don't want to create a separate page that doesn't get visited. I want it to be right there for that specific point when you are looking at that data.

I think your little 'tool tip' fly outs work good, maybe include the '?' tool tip with the equation or general overview of the formula next to the item/formula you want to highlight

The only downside is that the tooltips don't support math equations.

And trying to read a potentially complex calculation in 1 line is going to be tough for users.


I would love the exact formulas for everything. I wouldn't mind a seperate apreadsheet or pdf for reference. I often time spend a lot of time scouring the interenet to get the bare bones equations for valuatioms and metrics.

Excellent topic. I was just looking at GM. OSV has ROIC for FY2016 as 4.50% and Schwab has it as 7.16% -- a big difference. Schwab's formula is

Other 'Valuation' Ratios comparisons for GM are:

FYI, Schwab P/CF formula is:

Current Price divided by Cash Flow Per Share for the most recent fiscal year. Cash Flow is defined as Income After Taxes minus Preferred Dividends and General Partner Distributions plus Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization.

Share Price (as of last close)//Cash Flow Per Share (MRFY)



Currently working being able to display the formulas used for calculations when you hover over the data point as opposed to having a single page or sheet. Having it right there when you need it will be more practical and useful.


Could you provide an update on status of this?

The code is done. Just trying to find time to type in all the formulas.