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I've been sleeping on this idea and have some additional thoughts.

Stocks move up and down in action score on a daily basis because the price changes. 

When you first started with the action score, Jae, you had the idea to publish it once a week, I think? You then discovered that stocks did move up and down the list for obvious reasons - the price changed. So now we have the list ever day, which is nice :)

Perhaps it is not necessarily the highest climbers that we want. But it would be nice to be able to pick out new stocks entering the list. I remember you wrote about Wal-Mart. I think you wrote that you noticed that Wal-Mart became an A stock and you acted on it and bought some. I had the same experience (I also bought some). The reason I noticed it was because it was a well known name to me, and I knew I had not seen it on the A-grade list before. I am not sure that I would have been able to identify a less known company as a new stock on the list.

Another idea that might be easier to create would be new A- and B-grade stocks in the last week? I still have a preference for the climbers though.

Great! I am looking forward to that! The most important thing is that we are able to put more than one graph into the same chart.

Yes that was my idea. Mostly because you seem to already have most of the numbers that would be interesting there (sort of). Some other growth numbers would be nice as well. Like book value growth, and sales growth, but I won't be greedy :)

My general "idea" is that a graph sometimes can show more than numbers laid out in a table. So I would like to see some development in that direction. Some of the numbers that would be interesting to see as a graph are located under the "multiyear performance numbers from the DCF".

I would think that many of numbers would be interesting regardless of valuation method, so that might not be the best place for it, but it seems be where some of this is today, so that might be the easiest place to put it.

I'v been thinking the same. I find I always go to the DCF first.

Yep. Probably a good idea to check with the rest of the community what they want the most as well. I work with IT-projects myself. I like to create packages that people can choose. You can get these 5 things or this 1 thing. What do you want?

I feel I solved my need by creating a google spreadsheet like this.

This particular spreadsheet is not mine, but on mine I added a column where I keep my notes.

Jae, what weekday are you updating the spreadsheet?

This is a good idea. I keep forgetting what I have looked at. It would be nice to have a way to quickly determine what I thought about a stock. For instance "Dismissed because of industry outlook (For profit education)."