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Great idea!  Note that any upcoming ex-div date can only be provided after the company has declared it, but it would also be helpful to screen based on prior 4 quarters ex-div dates and amounts.

In a similar way, would also request ability to screen for next earnings reporting date as well as dates and eps for prior 4 quarters.

That is very disappointing.  Instead of providing a valuation (that you are admiting is erroneous) for those companies , why don't we OSV subscribers deserve to be provided a trustworthy alternative valuation methodology for them? (Note: at the least for all of the Financial companies)?       

Not yet implemented.  By what date do you expect financials, basic materials, OTC, and ADR's to be deleted from all four 'Top filtered uninverse' categories on Home Page?

I don't understand what you mean by "manually enter the DCF starting value".  Can you please give an example of how to manually calculate the valuation for Allstate (ticker ALL)? 


Please give courtesy of reply.  Idea submitted 3 weeks ago.


Please give courtesy of reply.  Bug submitted 2 weeks ago

This would be a nice-to-have addition, but it is not necessary since Enterprise Value/EBITDA (the inverse of The Acquirer's Multiple) is already an available data point in OSV Screener.  So for example, I just entered a custom screen with Enterprise Value/EBITDA between 3 and 8 and a minimum EBITDA of $5 million. The result was 477 companies (Note: there is a total 5,415 companies currently in the OSV universe) -- thus the top 8.8% companies meeting these criteria.

Thank you for correcting this bug.

Screener now working for price momentum data points 24/7, including hours when stock market is not open.

Before market open this morning was not working.

Working now.  Thank you.

For those of us that like to use some Price Momentum indicators in our Screeners, the Fourteen Price Peformance data points shown above by Jae are now available for use.


Note of clarification: For five Return vs. S&P500 data points, the values are the Percentage Points Difference in Returns.  For example, if Company XYZ Last 12 Months Return was +12.0% and the S&P500 Last 12 Months Return was +19.0%, then the Last 12 Months Return vs. S&P500 for Company XYZ would be -7.0% [+12.0% - (+19.0%)].