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Yes that's part of the portfolio option. Plan to have a good alerts system. The thing is we don't have real time quotes as it's too expensive. So I'm weighing the options of when we get to this part. Maybe we'll have a lot of growth and can afford to splurge :P

This one has been done. Will be released for next week.

Great idea. Definitely going to try and figure out how to do this in the cleanest way.

Yes that's part of the plan and already included.

Just not at this stage as the presentation and data will change more in coming months.

Will close this one because another ticket was raised which I've got assigned.

Great stuff Richard. Yes the idea is to take the best of the best. Fish where the good fish are, not where the eels are.

I'm super glad that you found some great stocks. The goal is to try and make each process as efficient and productive as possible so that you can spend the majority of your time making good decisions.

adding delete function makes sense. Dont know about the edit as it would still push the stock down.