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Yes you have to download each week. The spreadsheet is just an export of the database. It does not update itself.

Valuation will change depending on the inputs so it's best to use it in combination with each other.

If the stock intrinsic value chart shows that it is undervalued, but the action score is a D or an F, there are fundamental problems with the stock that you need to check.

It may be cheap from a basic valuation, but when you look at the numbers a bit deeper and adjust some numbers, the valuation may not be cheap after all.

No I don't have access to capital IQ data. Not my data provider as much as i would like to.

Hopefully we'll be able to upgrade in the future.

exporting feature will be implemented

That will be part of the screener.

For now, you can download the spreadsheet of the database.

Updated weekly and uploaded on mondays.

yup sure will. It's more complicated so that's why we started off with the core 3.

yes that's going to be part of it

It's every Monday at the moment. Usually in the afternoon as I need get the data cleaned up a little before uploading.