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I have thought about how to generate an automatic report where you can select the parts that you want to see in a report.

Realistically, it's further down the road.

Actually this is something that I do want to do :)

Let each person create their own scoring formula. It makes total sense.

Now it's a matter of trying to get my head around how to make it work with everything else.

But that is a super suggestion and glad to see that someone using it is thinking the same thing.

Go to menu > spreadsheet.

Then you'll see the link to download the database.

Ah yes I know this one from Greg. Also adapated from another value guy Adib Motiwala.

so this is similar with another thread asking to screen based on valuation.

The problem with this is that it will cause a huge number of mistakes. Valuation is very subjective and should be left for a per stock analysis. It should not be used as a screening criteria.

I understand the shortcut, but the miss rate will be far to high to make it worthwhile and lull people into a false sense of security.

one of the reasons why I'm looking to create a a price to intrinsic value chart for graham and EBIT.

no because valuation is too subjective to be a used for screening. You'll get a ton of hit and misses.

Having a really good customizable charts section is part of the plan.

Still thinking about this. I understand the desire, but from my research, not many people use it.

I'll look into ways of making it very unobtrusive and something like a sticky note, but just need to weigh the costs of dev and time vs where else that energy can be spent.

yes only the ones that are not related to specific stocks.

e.g. you can save 12% discount rate for any stock, but to save a 9% growth rate and make it the default growth doesn't make sense.

Mainly applies to discount rate and MOS%.