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Hey Easton,

Are you using different computers when logging in?

Right now, it remembers if you use the same computer. But if you move onto a different computer, then since the details are saved, it doesn't know who you are.

It's been released a few weeks ago. Hover over the stock and a cross will appear. Click to delete.


FYI we made some extra changes to the UX and this is how it will look and feel.

One of the things that is extremely important in the way we develop and create new features is to make each individual feature better than any comparable website.

You've all seen comparison features where you just have a table and that's about it.

What I want to achieve for you guys is to make it totally customizable to your needs.

Create and save your own list of data points you want to compare, rearrange the order, create different templates.

My vision is that old school value is a productivity and workflow tool for investors. No longer limited to an analysis tool.

For the quarterly and annual dates, it's always above each category so that it is easily viewable.

I'm putting this under review. The thing is, the numbers will still be identifiable.

I'll put this under review.

Can you elaborate on this? Do you have any error messages or something like that to report? The app is a web service so if it doesn't work on our end I would know.

For sure. The plan is to get the competitor comparisons and then screener functionality up first.
Then we'll work on the portfolio feature but I dont want to just throw up a clunky feature that is frustrating to use.

My goal is to make any feature silky smooth to use so that you don't even think about the app. The app essentially disappears as you focus on the numbers and questions that come up in your mind.

Hi Pedro
I understand what you mean about BV. The thing with BV nowadays is that it has lost a lot of value.

E.g. BV doesn't mean a lot for software or IT companies as it is asset light. Manufacturers may be overly heavy on the BV which can make it look undervalued when it isn't.

P/B if on the key stats already, but it wont be added to the valuation.

In the charts roadmap, it will include this and more. You'll be able to put multiple data on top of each other as well as have presets to make it easy.