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doh you're right. I only updated the summary page.

The Online App uses dynamic data. e.g. the discount rate is dynamic based on the industry of the company whereas the spreadsheet is static.

It's because TEVA has interest bearing debt totaling 20B.


I went about getting data from zacks again. It's updated more regularly.

The numbers I'm now using are:

  • PercentGrowthCurrentFiscalYearMeanOverMostRecentFiscalYearEarningsPerShare
  • PercentGrowthNextFiscalYearMeanOverCurrentFiscalYearMean

Thanks for those screenshots! I didn't think about the indirect function.

You are awesome.

FYI the numbers should be correct now.

For the number formatting, I labeled the title to include % to make it clearer.


This can easily become a very complex task.

  • did you shift rows or columns of any of the original worksheets?
  • or were your customizations done on a new blank worksheet and everything else was intact?

If you shifted rows or columns in the main sections, then there is a lot of work involved with having to match the cells from the old spreadsheet to the new spreadsheet.

If you used a blank worksheet, that's easier because you could do a "copy -> paste special -> paste formula only " which will cut down a lot of the time.

First thing is to send a copy of your spreadsheet to

I can see how complex the work is and let you know.