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#1 is done.

#2 will be done shortly.

I'll be posting the training video that I did previously on the training section of the app.

Financials match up with the Q1 filing. They filed an 8-K recently, and one the 10Q is out, it will get updated.

now that the latest release is out, will be making the "Your Screen" columns sortable.


Can you send a help ticket? Through the app click the help button on the top right corner or send a  email to

Hi Jeff

This one isn't a bug because "your screen" is supposed to only display the filters you use in the screen. It is the default display and should not be editable. That's where the other reports are for. 

It's a good idea and I think it will be a nice to have, but compared to other ongoing upgrades at the moment, it's going to have to wait a little.

It involves creating historical valuation models to calculate and store historical valuations for past years for all stocks for all valuation models.

1) fixed.

2) 3 month numbers are included to compare between short term last quarter figures vs LTM figures.

I changed the heading and edited your post to see what other suggestions there are.

To all,

What are 2 ratios you CANNOT live without when it comes to analyzing dividend stocks?