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This was released in the previous release.

Quick video of how to order the Your Screen columns.

Click edit and then sort the criteria based on the order you want to see the columns.

That's something we are working on right now. 


FYI all growth rates under 3yr, 5yr, 7yr and 10yr are CAGR.

I'm collecting more ideas and feedback on how the layout should be.

Technically DDM is a simple model, which is the difficult part. How do you make a model that only supports companies with dividends, a worthwhile implementation that people will find useful.

Hi Stewart. We're focused on other areas right now. As you know, we have a small team and allocating resources to work on a feature (however simple it is) is not possible at the moment.

I'll have to take a closer look at this. We're just working on other updates right now.

Hi Jeff. Sorry for the late reply. 

Yes it's still in the works. But we are focusing on other areas at the moment.

Sorry but no. You can try workarounds like using Bootcamp or Virtualbox. But that's not ideal.


Sorry but we are not going to delete this. EBIT is divided by 4 for the latest MRQ. It is a good approximation of how the company is doing vs the past year.