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This is already available under "Ratios".

Simply search for "employee" to see what comes up.

We have net income per employee and revenue per employee over different periods.

Sorry Yash. We support USA stocks only.

Hey Chetan

Not sure what happened there. I've emailed you.

Definitely a good idea. Some more pricing info will be helpful for those people to make decisions on price movements.

Interesting idea to send out on a weekly basis. Not sure how much stocks will move if there are no earnings releases though. But worth a look.


What I found was that the data provider was giving the number already as a percent. That is, they are listing it as 10 for 10% instead of 0.1.

In the screen enter the number without a % in the text fields.

e.g. 3 ~ 73 means 3% to 73%.