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I'll have to take a closer look at this. We're just working on other updates right now.

Hi Jeff. Sorry for the late reply. 

Yes it's still in the works. But we are focusing on other areas at the moment.

Sorry but no. You can try workarounds like using Bootcamp or Virtualbox. But that's not ideal.


Sorry but we are not going to delete this. EBIT is divided by 4 for the latest MRQ. It is a good approximation of how the company is doing vs the past year.

#1 is done.

#2 will be done shortly.

I'll be posting the training video that I did previously on the training section of the app.

Financials match up with the Q1 filing. They filed an 8-K recently, and one the 10Q is out, it will get updated.

now that the latest release is out, will be making the "Your Screen" columns sortable.