v5.6.0 - 5.6.6 Release Notes

v5.6.0 - v5.6.Release Notes

  • PORTFOLIO - fix bugs, UI improvements, sell transaction updates, button fixes, UX additions, saving issues
  • PORTFOLIO - column headings mis aligned, firefox error, IE display and loading bug, added tooltips
  • PORTFOLIO - deleting transaction wasn't refreshing and showing properly
  • PORTFOLIO - csv uploading improvements
  • SCREENER - fix top and bottom % not working 
  • SCREENER - added new data points related to price info and returns compared to index
  • SCREENER - added data point Net PPE to screener
  • SCREENER - price performance calculation update
  • EMAIL - weekly rating summary emails breaking on iphone
  • UI - all tooltips now stay on top until closed by user.
  • JS improvements to move into components
  • Backend improvements
  • Updated 2018 DCF discount rate based on Damodaran's data set