Under review
Jae Jun 1 year ago • updated 2 months ago 3

create a dividend growth model.

  • dividend discount valuation
  • dividend growth rate
  • dividend related data for dividend investors

FYI to all.

Additional valuation models will be included later down the road map. Right now, we are focusing on getting the must have features.

Must have features we need to take OSV to the next level and even higher playing field than the competition include:

  • screener (v1 coming soon. Trust me, you will love the way it works. So smooth and intuitive and this is only the first version)
  • portfolio / watchlist feature
  • fundamental charts and visual analysis section

Once these are complete, we'll get back to getting the other valuation methods from the spreadsheet included and then expand to new valuation models like this dividend growth model.

Screener is now out for members.

It's a basic version to start, but will continue to get more advanced features.

Under review

I'm revisting the models and want to know how useful the DDM is for you guys?

It has the most votes, but with only 22 people voting, it could be a false feature where the majority don't know that this thread exists.

Many companies do not offer a dividend, for which the DDM model will not work.


Why do you want it, and why do you need it?